Bill High Named One of America's Top 25 Philanthropy Speakers

by Annika Bergen  |  June 28, 2017
Bill High, CEO of NCF Heartland, was recently named one of America’s Top 25 Philanthropy Speakers for 2017. The list was put out by Philanthropy Media & The Michael Chatman Giving Show. They received 2,200 nominees and boiled them down to ... read full post
Once you’ve created your Giving Mission Statement and set your giving goals, it's time to give. One of the best things about your Giving Fund with NCF is that you can ... read full post
Leave an inheritance to grandchildren? Steve was incredulous. He’d never considered it. Yet when he read Proverbs 13.22, it was like he’d read the verse for the ... read full post
In estate planning thirty years ago, the go-to charitable vehicle for most planners and advisors was the private foundation. Private foundations are great charitable ... read full post
Anyone remember the 2001 slapstick comedy Rat Race? A recent rainy Saturday afternoon found me enjoying this blast-from-the-past flick about a group of strangers ... read full post
In this new episode of our Inside Giving podcast, you’ll hear the inspiring story of NCF giver, model, and author, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy. Five years ago, Lauren ... read full post
Five Principles of Inheritance It’s one of the most common questions I get asked: How much should I leave my children? Yet the Bible is clear that a good man leaves an ... read full post
Most everyone has goals in their life. From sports to weight loss to Bible study to schoolwork, our activities are best fulfilled by the pursuit of tangible achievements. ... read full post
The fastest growing charitable vehicle utilized in the U.S. currently is the donor-advised fund; however, the most under-utilized charitable vehicle used is supporting ... read full post
Raise your hand if you’re in a season of disbelief. Now keep in mind, I’m not talking about doubting God, but rather a "Seriously God, your power, grace and ... read full post
Multiply your impact
Many business owners have a heart to give charitably but feel hindered by their limited cash flow and the high taxation of their businesses. But our Charitable Shareholder strategy allows you to donate a non-voting interest in your business, receive ... read more
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