10 ways to create a more generous business

by NCF staff  |  October 19, 2017  |   Category: Strategies
At the National Christian Foundation, we have the privilege to serve some of the most generous business owners in the country. In cities throughout the U.S., these inspiring men and women are using their companies to transform their industries and ... read full post
My beautiful wife loves to watch cooking shows (and secretly I kind of like them too). However, I can’t help but notice during a cooking show, while the chef is ... read full post
Last month I shared my giving faux pas in Giving Gone Wrong. This month I want to share with you a different kind of giving experience equally as humbling but with quite a ... read full post
In this new episode of our Inside Giving podcast, you’ll hear the incredible story of NCF givers John and Cindy, who have chosen to remain anonymous. Last year, NCF ... read full post
If you own a business and have a desire to give charitably, our team at the National Christian Foundation (NCF) can help you use one of your most valuable non-cash assets to ... read full post
In 2016, Americans sold 7,842 businesses—whether through asset sale or stock sales. That number is expected to go up in 2017. Why so many sales? Business sales ... read full post
With tax reform at the top of the agenda on Capitol Hill this season, many givers and ministries within the National Christian Foundation (NCF) community are wondering ... read full post
After another week of devastating natural disasters – the Mexico earthquake and Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean – many givers at the National Christian ... read full post
For someone who is a huge proponent of giving and actually even makes a living based on it—it probably seems a little weird that I would be writing about ... read full post
From hurricanes and monsoons to wildfires and earthquakes, providing relief in the awful aftermath of natural disasters is a primary objective for many givers at the National ... read full post
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