Remembering the Past to Look Forward!

by Bill High  |  January 25, 2018

How much do you look back?

There’s great power in looking back, as long as it continues to help us look forward. President Dwight D. Eisenhower said it this way: “Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.”

This year NCF Heartland will enter its 18th year of activity. We began this journey in 2000 as “Servant Foundation,” utilizing NCF as our backroom provider. Here’s our story:

Our very existence is a miracle, since two of our key founders—Frank Brown and Pat Lloyd—did not know each other. Back in 2000, Frank Brown was on a journey to set up a foundation while at the same time to reduce his tax liability. He stumbled upon the donor advised fund world and went to a conference to learn more. While there, he saw that his name had been listed in a brochure as being interested in starting a Christian community foundation.

On the other hand, Pat Lloyd, who had long been known for her giving, attended a Christian conference in the same building a week later. There, she was given a brochure about starting a Christian community foundation—the same one which listed Frank Brown.

Pat gave the brochure to me, and it turned out that I knew Frank because one of his nephews had roomed with me during law school. I was able to bring Frank and Pat together, and in the succeeding months, the Servant Foundation was born.

As we look forward to our 18th year, we see great opportunity ahead. We’ve learned that the heart of generosity starts first with lives transformed. Much of that transformation begins with family. More and more, we are encouraging families to think and build a powerful legacy of generosity.

As we look deeper into 2018, our aim is to be the best resource for you—to truly serve your family in this journey of generosity. Look for more, and if we can be of immediate help, reach out to me at


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